Jasper Høiby’s Fellow Creatures, 1st Dec. 2017

The band had experienced several changes since the personnel posted in our programme. The latest in the week of the gig when Josh Arcoleo (already replacing Mark Lockheart) suffered a hernia. However George Crowley’s addition was no handicap, he sinuously interweaved his playing with that of Laura as though they did nothing else. His feature in duet with Jasper in a complex wind-up then reversal wind-down composition  was a highlight of the evening.  The strength of playing from Jon Scott on drums and Will  Barry on piano was consistently high and supported perfectly the freewheeling approach which Jasper required.

Laura Jurd was, as expected, a starring presence throughout the gig. Her perfect tone and inventive contributions fitted exactly the spirit of the music. Jasper himself is, it needn’t be exaggerated, a master of his instrument and the contemporary style of well-structured compositions lending themselves to  extended improvisation.

Jasper Høiby – double bass
George Crowley – saxes
Laura Jurd – trumpet & flugel
Will Barry – piano
Jon Scott – drums

© C de Saram  02.012.2017


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