Roger Beaujolais Quartet, 16th February 2018

Roger has 40 years of experience in the world of UK Jazz vibraphone and is in demand as a session musican.    His expertise is, therefore, massive and highly regarded.   His band is also long-established and relationships intuitive.  Superb musicianship was shown by each individual but their forte was the tight ensemble work in Roger’s arrangements.     Robin Aspland has long been considered underrated by the Wakefield audience and his solos generated enthusiastic responses all night.     Simon Thorpe played the essential role of a reliable grounding for the band but also impressed when soloing.  A highlight was a freewheeling interaction between him and Winston Clifford each vying to be the one playing most quietly.  Winston as driving force was his characteristic mode and he rarely failed to encourage soloists to go further.   His own solos were demonstrations of supreme skill and creativity.

All of this is to take for granted the unfailingly swinging playing of Roger himself.   From the very first bars of the first number his energy and mastery of his instrument were apparent  –  a true leader among experts.     The original numbers from his latest CD “Sunset” occupied a significant portion of their set and were well-received as fitting the genre of modern swing the band plays.
Roger Beaujolais – vibraphone
Robin Aspland – piano
Simon Thorpe – bass
Winston Clifford – drums
©Chris de Saram   17.02.2018


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