Alyn Cosker Quartet, Friday 9 March 2018

Alyn Cosker   –  drums
Davie Dunsmuir  –  guitar
Steve Hamilton – keyboard
Colin Cunningham – electric bass

An electric band in more senses than one – they gripped our audience and rocked them back on their heels with their virtuosity. Alyn’s energy from the drum kit maintained an atmosphere of danger for all but the ballads they played. Davie Dunsmuir revealed himself to be a great lead guitarist with the jazz capabilities of Mike Stern. Tight in ensemble where he often doubled with Steve’s keyboard line yet loosely inventive when soloing.   Colin Cunningham’s 5 string bass was the definition of funky and kept the control of the complex time signatures and stops when chaos threatened.  Steve Hamilton has to be the most versatile pianist in Scotland and in constant demand (by Billy Cobham for example). He played only the electric keyboard for this gig and used a limited range of the instrument’s palette however his contributions to the improvised sections of a piece were always adept.

Alyn himself sparkled throughout the gig indulging his capacity to pile rhythm on rhythm and then morph it all through four or five variants. The band played only his original material  –  some from the brand new album K P F – and the variety in mood and style showed his compositional talent to be considerable.

© C de Saram


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